Feature Release: Capacity Report

Feature Release: Capacity Report

Have you ever struggled to determine the best staffing plan to meet your business needs? Our brand new Capacity Report uses historical chat volumes coupled with team capacity levels to help admins pinpoint times of peak activity and better allocate staffing resources. Available now on all Plus and above plans.

The Benefits of Emojis In Live Chat

Improved emoji support for SnapEngage clients and visitors We’re excited to announce that we recently added expanded emoji support to our live chat interface on both the client and visitor sides. So, now, whether you’re chatting with your team or chatting...

New and Improved API Key Access

A More Accessible Live Chat API While we strive to meet the demands of all of our users, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to software development… BUT we still want to help see all of your out-of-the-box ideas to fruition, which is why we...