4 Ways to Keep Remote Teams Connected

Out of sight, out of mind?

Written by Jasmin Rosenboom, SnapEngage Sales
With contributions from Kent Riggs, SnapEngage Sales

The best teams are happy, motivated, and productive. They get there by being connected, consistent, and using clear internal communication. Yet how do we ensure our teams are working cohesively with the unique challenges that remote, modern work environments present? We’ve touched on the importance of autonomy in the workplace and the value of knowing the other teams in your organization. Let’s dive into a challenging dynamic that our team encounters on a daily basis: building a company with two international, remote teams. At first glance this element poses immense difficulties, but ultimately it has infused our company with diversity and strength.

Working with remote teams poses unique challenges – there’s no getting around that. Team SnapEngage is separated by half the globe (with offices in Boulder, CO, USA and Berlin, Germany), in addition to employees often working remotely in other locations while visiting clients. Over the last eight years, we’ve learned how to ensure your co-workers across the pond don’t stray out of mind even though they may be out of sight.



Take Advice from a Pro for a Winning Sales Chat Strategy

Navigating Sales
with Help from Hitch

Contributed by Kent Riggs, SnapEngage Sales

In this blog post I’m going to teach you how to be Will Smith. Ok, not actually Will Smith… but his character in the movie Hitch. If you happened to catch this 2005 flick you’ll remember Smith’s character is a tactful dating coach that facilitates manufactured serendipity. Much to the delight of his clients, he employs surefire tactics to woo the lady of their dreams no matter how many left feet they possess. Hitch crafts situations to paint his clients in a favorable light, and it works!

I’ll let you in on a little secret… sales is a bit like dating. It’s an old analogy that still holds true. It takes tact, attention to detail, and consistently staying ahead of the curve to win business in this crazy competitive environment. But if you go for the first kiss (or sale) too soon you’re going to get slapped! SnapEngage gives you amazing Hitch-like powers to make your customers feel like you are the only ones for them.

hitch-dance-lesson-oCourtesy of Sony Pictures


Put Down the Phone and Start Chatting

Don’t keep your customers waiting –
offer them live chat for immediate help

Written by Claudia Arco, SnapEngage Sales
with contributions from Kent Riggs, SnapEngage Sales

Social media has done an excellent job of giving us a sounding board for when we’re unhappy. The first thing we do is tweet right at the brand in hopes of finding some resolution in the hope that someone is listening. What we hear is opportunity. Let’s paint a disastrous picture…

untitled-design-2You’ve made the sale! Congratulations! However, when your gizmos arrived at your customer’s doorstep there was a piece missing in the box. It happens. So the new customer tries emailing your support staff and is met with your automated response email that you’ve received their ticket. 24 to 48-hour response time is common. Ticket resolution will be another 24-48 hours.

A sense of urgency takes over and the customer really wants to know what’s happening with their incomplete gizmo. This prompts a phone call. You’re a successful business and there are acceptable timeframes to offer customer support. Your customer (with temperature rising) dials the phone and tactfully navigates the menus to land on hold. Waiting. Again. They paid for your product! They’re ready to use your awesome goods yet here they sit.

Why Account Reviews Matter

How to proactively work with your
clients to steer them towards success

Christian Thomas SnapEngageContributed by Christian Thomas,
SnapEngage Client Success Manager

While Client Success is all the rage in the SaaS industry these days, establishing a position in your company in charge of ensuring that your customers are happy and successful with your product can be applied to any business. The client success role fits nicely in between your sales, support, development, and even marketing teams. To put it simply: we are advocates for the customer.

“Hold on there…” you might be thinking. “I have a customer support team on phones, ticketing systems, live chat. I even send surveys to my customers all the time to get feedback on our product or service.”

Awesome. Perhaps you even use your sales team to communicate with prospective clients to relay the latest product demand from the front lines. All of this is a great start! But when you toss Client Success Managers into the mix, you supercharge your communication flow between your customer base and product team for the better. Why?

It’s all about the dedicated account review.


An Interview with the SnapEngage Support Team

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the front lines of chat support?

Dan Mowinski SnapEngageContributed by Dan Mowinski, SnapEngage Sales Team

Who am I talking to in those funny chat boxes anyway? Who are these humans at SnapEngage that are answering my questions? We’d like to introduce you to our support team, and let you know a bit about who they are and what they think about life at SnapEngage.

I’ve interviewed the entire support team to learn more about them. After all, couldn’t we use a little more humanity in the world of online client support?

Even though our support team might not always have the answers you want to hear, or may need to follow up later on complex issues, one thing remains clear. Our team is dedicated to giving our clients the best customer service experience possible, with high emphasis placed upon an efficient, friendly, helpful, and human chat experience. This is what a good chat experience is all about!

I asked them questions to learn about their passions outside of work, why they think SnapEngage is awesome, and what makes a successful support agent. These insights into our team will hopefully make you as enamored with them as we are and open the door for better communication along the way. Let’s learn more about the SnapEngage Support team!