Seasonal greetings from the SnapEngage dev team!

While we are working on some new features which have yet to be released, we have prepared a small present with a number of improvements and bug fixes for you in the mean time:

Hub Fixes

  • We have been working on tracking down and fixing more edge cases resulting in a “Something unexpected happened” error in Hub with additional logging and your helpful reporting of these issues. Thank you for bearing with us!
  • Fixed an issue where the Labels window was blocked by the ‘disabled’ input box when there was a longer list of Label options.
  • Fixed an issue where the message that an agent is typing gets removed if a visitor started to type a response.
  • Fixed an issue where long URLs (for ‘visitor reloaded page’ notifications) in the transcript column were cut off.
  • Fixed an error displaying an “invalid date” warning on some chats.
  • Fixed an issue with with Hub not updating everywhere when an unknown visitor entered an email the first time.
  • Fixed an issue with the Repeat Until Answered for Returning Contact checkbox not being clickable.
  • Fixed an issue with the Contact Info Column sometimes unexpectedly resizing to the minimized mode
  • Fixed an issue with the notification counter not resetting when the visitor ended the chat.
  • Team Chat: Fixed an issue with displaying new message count notifications for your own messages.

Other Updates

  • Visitor Chat Box:
    • Added a little animation when the chat button first appears on the page
    • Fixed an issue where the visitors were not receiving all responses by the agent in a particular scenario
  • Shortcuts: Improved the capability to support updating / deleting large numbers (200+) of shortcuts.
  • WeChat Channel: Fixed an issue with file upload from the visitor side.