(Last Updated On: March 14, 2018)

Hey Folks,

while the dev team has been silently working to prepare some major exiting new things which we are exited to announce soon – keep an eye on your email inbox and this space for updates – the work on our core system never stops. Here is some of what we have deployed in the last weeks:

New Feature

We have added a new Knowledge Base option: You can now set up a custom Google Search for any domain or sub-domain and turn your website into a custom SnapEngage Knowledge Base.

Your agents will be able to use your your website as a knowledge base during the chat and your visitors as an intelligent pre-chat option to query the page before starting a chat.

You can read up more on this new feature here.


  • The current version of our MS Dynamics integration now supports┬ácustom reference fields. You can read up on this option here.
  • We have updated the Zendesk ticket creation on behalf of agent: We now have added a custom mapping for agent integration ID and Zendesk Submitter ID to the Integration settings so the ticket creator can be customized according to your preferences.
  • We added a new switchWidget() API call to replace the current setWidgetID() API call to provide a better solution for switching widgets and returning a more accurate status. Additionally, we now offer an optional callback parameter so you can do more when the new status is returned.

Resolved Issues

  • We have fixed an issue where a chat created via the visitor API appeared as “manual offline” in the logs & reports.
  • We also found and fixed some other edge cases where chats appeared as offline cases. If you see this happening again please let us know!
  • We fixe an issue with openProactiveChat() API, where the chat could not be programmatically prompted again a second time if it was closed once in the past hour.