10 Stupidly Simple Mistakes To Avoid With Your Live Chat Service

The Insider List of Live Chat DON’Ts

Needless to say, we’ve seen a lot of live chat in our day. We’ve celebrated compelling live chat successes alongside our clients, but we’ve also slumped our shoulders and shaken our heads at some live chat fails along the way. Our tools are intended to empower your sales and support teams to achieve their full potential, but in the end, we can only provide the tools, some sage advice and hope that you “Fly little birdie, fly!”

Sometimes hearing what not to do can serve as an equally good starting point down the road to success. So here are ten simple mistakes to avoid with your live chat service.

1. Don’t set yourself to ‘Available’ unless you truly are available.

adele helloThere’s nothing more frustrating for visitors than when they engage with a Chat button only to be met with silence. Live chat (‘live’ being the operative word) is all about real-time communication with your website visitors. There’s no point in adding live chat to your website if you can’t make time to chat with your visitors. Be sure to only set yourself to ‘Available’ when you truly are available, and be sure to set your status to ‘Pause’ when you are pre-occupied or need to step away from the live chat application. (more…)

3 Ways to Maximize Client Feedback

Using Client Feedback to Drive Innovation

Is-your-customer-feedback-languishing-in-excel-part-2_5What drives innovation in your organization? Are you constantly bringing “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” ideas to your product development team (to inevitably be met with eye rolls)? Or, are you truly listening to the wants and needs of your clients and working to improve your product to meet the demands of your user base? Hopefully, you answered with the latter.

Companies large and small across the globe interact with their clients on a daily basis, exchanging information through various streams – live chat, phone, email, support tickets, social mentions, etc. But information is only meaningful when there are processes in place to act on incoming client feedback.

When a busy support agent is assisting multiple clients at once, it’s easy to let an important tidbit of feedback during a routine conversation slip through the cracks, as “fires” and other, more pressing issues take priority. Even during lulls, incoming insights can fall by the wayside. So how do you overcome information overload and close the loop on valuable customer feedback?

Here are three tips to help ensure that client insights result in actionable, innovative change, rather than falling into the black hole of lost opportunities. (more…)

4 Simple Lead Qualification Hacks With Live Chat

How To Qualify Leads With Live Chat

So you’ve built a can’t-live-without product/service, defined your buyer personas and created some great lead generation campaigns to get qualified traffic to your website. But attracting eyeballs is only the first step. How do you sift through your website visitors to make sure you’re focusing engagement efforts on your most actionable buyers, rather than wasting time with lost traffic and looky-loos?

sales funnel lead qualification

Lead qualification is a crucial step in the sales funnel, but it can also prove frustrating at times. Live chat software provides excellent tools to help qualify leads so your sales team can do what they do best – close deals. (more…)

Tips for Super Busy Chat Days

Keep Calm and Chat On

tips for busy live chat daysA busy chat day should typically be welcomed and celebrated (aside from site outages and other critical issues). Engaging with your website visitors is a great first step towards converting them to valued customers, and more leads entering your funnel means more opportunity to generate revenue.

But when chat volumes approach your team’s capacity limits, anxiety can build as you struggle to deliver a consistent, outstanding customer experience to all visitors.

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your cool and thriving during busy chat times. (more…)

Advancing Customer Service Through Social Engagement

Delivering an Omni-Channel Customer Experience through Social Media

Love it, hate it, or simply live with it, there’s no denying that social media is everywhere and it’s here to stay. From photo sharing and 140 character statements to career building forums and dating services, social media has seeped its way into nearly every facet of our world.

live chat social media

So what does all this mean? Businesses must embrace and adapt to the changing digital social sphere by evaluating the effects and opportunities across their organization. Different functions to consider include: sales/marketing, customer support, reputation management, talent recruitment/management, research/development.

As customer experience continues to grow as a differentiation strategy, it’s important for businesses to meet the increasing demands of consumers, which requires an omni-channel approach to customer engagement, including… you guessed it… social media! (more…)