Introducing: Maximum Chats Per Agent

Have you ever wished you could change the maximum amount of chats that each agent can handle? Especially when you have a new agent who is still learning the ropes? Or when you have a rock star agent that easily handles several chats simultaneously?

From now on, you can setup the maximum number of web visitor chats each agent can handle on an individual basis. We’ve done away with a blanket setting that must be applied to all agents on the widget. Just go to your Admin Dashboard, then click Agent Settings and select the agent you’d like to edit. Click on ‘Edit’ and you will see our new setting at the bottom, which reads: “Maximum number of visitor chats”.

You can use the dropdown menu to select the maximum amount of chats that this agent will handle concurrently. Don’t forget to save!

Now your entire agent team can benefit from a maximum chat count that is tailored to each agent’s specific skill-level, allotted chat time, and more. We generally recommend taking no more than three chats at once in order to provide stellar customer service, but we realize that every team is unique and what matters most is what works best for you!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new setting.


March 2nd, 2015 Release Notes: Post-Chat Survey Changes

Hello from bright and snowy Boulder!

We have made a couple of snazzy UI changes to the post-chat agent survey that your visitors see after a chat has been ended or timed out. (To offer your visitors the post-chat agent survey, please make sure you have enabled this feature in your dashboard by going to Settings -> Options -> Agent Survey).

  • The survey now appears directly beneath the chat transcript after a chat has been ended or timed out. This allows the visitor to scroll up and view the chat transcript after their chat has ended.
  • We’ve also added some animations: The visitor’s chat box will autoscroll down to view the whole survey. When the visitor clicks to “Submit” or “Cancel” the survey, the survey will fade out and the chatbox will stay open for the visitor to view the transcript.

We hope you and your visitors find these changes useful. If you happen to be chatting with us, please tell us what you think!

Important Update for Google Talk Users

Hello everyone!

The majority of our users rely on the native online Chat Portal to communicate with web visitors and team members. However, we have an important update for current Google Talk users. Google has officially announced that they are discontinuing the Google Talk app for Windows as of today in favor of continuing to build out Google Hangouts (which we are not currently compatible with).

So, what exactly does this mean for you? If you were previously using the GTalk app for Windows, this would be a great time to reconsider using our online Chat Portal. We’ve added new features recently, such as an Activity Monitor which allows users to keep tabs on current chats directly from the Chat Portal. We’d recommend giving the SnapEngage Chat Portal a try to see if it’s a good fit for you. Making the switch is easy from the Admin Dashboard “Agent Settings” tab.

If you’d prefer to continue using Google Talk, there are still plenty of options! Users are still able to use GTalk inside of Gmail. This discontinuation does not affect that. Another key point is that you can still use 3rd party XMPP clients such as Adium, Pidgin, Trillian, IM+, etc.

In addition, the SnapEngage technical team has been working hard to develop a SnapEngage mobile application for our users interested in chatting directly from mobile devices. The mobile app is currently being tested internally. We’ll release the application once it’s polished and ready for prime time. Are you interested in hearing updates about the future mobile application? Please email us at

Feel free to contact the SnapEngage Support team with any questions!

Take Twitter Support to New Levels with the SnapEngage App for Hootsuite

Interested in providing stellar customer support? Of course you are! We’re always seeking new ways to help you help your customers, and today we have an announcement that is sure to delight everyone: the SnapEngage App is now available in Hootsuite!

In a nutshell, the new SnapEngage App provides an exciting new avenue for joint SnapEngage/Hootsuite users to boost their customer support via live chat initiated through Twitter.

Customer View Tweet to Chat

Scenario: Your customer is frustrated and upset. They are experiencing issues with your product. They need an answer right now (in their mind: yesterday). They don’t want to sit on the phone waiting to speak with a real live human, email a generic support address, or submit a support ticket into the void where it could take 4, 12, or even 24+ hours to receive a response (let alone a resolution). In today’s social age, your customer might consider taking the problem to Twitter, casting their grievances across the social sphere for all to see. Surely this will spur a quick response, right?

Luckily, there’s a better approach, and critical instances like this are where the SnapEngage App for Hootsuite shines. Now you can connect with customers that require support before issues like this have a chance to escalate. Target customers that mention your company and Tweet for assistance, or simply listen for keywords to alert you of issues.

How exactly does it work?


Once SnapEngage users log into their Hootsuite dashboard, they can send out invitations to specific Twitter users in need of assistance and invite them into a real-time chat session. This allows companies to solve customer issues with the immediacy, simplicity, and privacy of a live chat conversation. The chat invitation can be sent directly from any of your SnapEngage widgets, which ensures that customers will be connected with the right team to help with their particular scenario.

Invite to Chat

With this integration, agents are empowered to resolve customer issues right then and there instead of going back and forth via Twitter or getting caught up in a sluggish email thread. Chat From Tweet helps agents avoid the D.M. dance and move beyond 140-character constraints, not to mention bypassing the security issues that resolving issues publicly via Twitter could pose. Inviting Twitter users to resolve issues via private live chats will also cut down on ticket submissions, which frees up customer support teams to tackle more problems as they arise, and decreases overall resolution times.


Solving problems proactively and quickly via Twitter will boost customer satisfaction, trust, and brand loyalty. When an issue occurs, customers will know they can count on your team to give them the prompt and quality attention they deserve. In addition, the SnapEngage App for Hootsuite allows agents to easily reach out to interested prospects at crucial moments within the sales funnel, starting valuable conversations that result in increased sales.

Read more here to learn about how the Hootsuite Support Team uses the SnapEngage App every day to deliver exceptional customer support! Ready to get started? Take a peek at this help article and let the conversations – and resolutions – begin.

Audit Logs Have Arrived


SnapEngage now keeps track of who is making changes to your Account, Widgets, and Permissions, when those changes were made, and what the changes were.  This allows you to keep better track of when things are changing, what they’re changing from, and who is making those changes.  We feel this knowledge helps you to better manage your account by not only keeping track of who is making changes, but lets you go back to previous settings by keeping track of what values changed from.

The Audit Logs offer filtering by date, type, and Widget to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  They are also available for download if you do need to pull the information into your own system.

Sleep better knowing that you can now stay on top of what is changing within your account.  See our help doc to learn more about Audit Logs.