Open API Integration Now Delivers JSON

For those who are unfamiliar with the SnapEngage Open API, this is a service we provide where a SnapEngage customer can register a URL which will receive support requests represented as a JSON object.  What this means is that you can integrate SnapEngage into your own system without any work other than configuring the Open API integration.

How To Configure the Open API Integration

In the SnapEngage widget configuration, under the “Integrations” tab, select “Open API” and enter the URL of where you want to receive the support request JSON object.  A POST will be made to this URL when a new offline request or live chat is processed by SnapEngage. Once you are done making changes, just make sure to click the “Save” button.

post api

What Happens Next

Once the API is activated, whenever a new support request is received, SnapEngage will automatically send a POST transaction to the URL specified in the Open API configuration. The transaction will provide details about the support request as a JSON object.

For further information please see our POST API doc

SnapEngage Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

SnapEngage was nominated by our good friends over at Survey Gizmo to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge via Twitter

So naturally we accepted!

YouTube Preview Image
Icy Doom

The idea of dumping buckets of ice cold water on a colleague sure sounded like a great idea and having an “excuse” to do just that was icing on the proverbial cupcake. We rushed out and bought a bunch of buckets and were fully intent upon dousing each other with copious amounts of bone chilling water. You could literally hear the ice cubes clinking out their ominous promise of a frigid shock to the nervous system when our CEO Jerome Breche (obviously the most likely target) raised his hand, causing the advancing horde of ice water laden buckets to pause their approach.

Icy Doom – Averted

“What if we took this opportunity to fill these buckets with more than just water? What if we filled them with things that could benefit even more organizations in need?”

As occasionally happens this idea was met with much agreement and as a team we set about selecting additional organizations that we could donate to. We decided we should fill our new buckets with money which we would send to the ALS Association and deliver to two more local organizations we nominated and then voted on as a group. We selected:

Imagine Colorado – Imagine! provides support services to individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

Humane Society of Boulder – The Humane Society of Boulder Valley provides shelter and care to more than 9,000 animals each year, with 93 percent of these animals being successfully adopted or reunited with their guardians.

Icy Reminder

I think the Ice Bucket challenge is significant, that significance may be different to different people but significant none-the-less. Like an ice cold bucket of water being dumped on your head, it is a wake-up and a reminder.

For us it was a reminder to give, to think of others, to look for ways that we could do more, and for that we are very grateful.

Next Up…

We’re now challenging RaptMedia, InvitedHome, and Rezora to spread the giving. Get to it!

Announcing Our New Integration with Hubspot


Greetings everyone! SnapEngage is proud to announce our native, certified integration with Hubspot! With the new SnapEngage + Hubspot integration, you’ll be able to leverage both online and offline interactions with your website visitors in exciting new ways to maximize your SnapEngage service and convert your leads into sales. Keep track of all SnapEngage chat interactions and leads directly in Hubspot, your all-inclusive marketing platform.

In case you’re already a SnapEngage/Hubspot user and you haven’t given this exciting new integration a try, we recommend that you run – not walk – to your Admin Dashboard to set it up (well, after you finish reading this post of course!). Once you’re there, choose the widget you’d like to use and then click the Integrations tab on the left side. From there you can select the Hubspot icon, and proceed to set up the integration. Connecting to Hubspot is quick and painless; just enter your Hubspot portal information into SnapEngage and you’re all set. Please check out this guide for full instructions on integrating SnapEngage with your Hubspot account.

Let’s dig in and take a closer look at what this new integration can do to enhance your sales and marketing strategies.


Contact Centers Continue to Find New Ways to Optimize Live Chat

(Today’s Guest Post is brought to you by Scott Brand with Inspirations for Youth Rehab sharing with us some of their successes and thoughts on using live chat)

It is quite obvious that the love affair that consumers have had with Live Chat continues to get stronger and stronger. And the numbers speak for themselves. According to eDigital’s live bank survey, conducted by Econsutancy, a renowned international research and customer service training group, Live Chat has the highest satisfaction level of any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email, 53% for Apps, 50% for posts, 48% for Social Media, 44% for phone, and 41% for SMS. (more…)

Introduction to our Shiny New Analytics

If you’ve been with us for a while, hopefully you’ve made good use of our Reports system to monitor and improve both your live chat activity and chat agent performance.

We know that actionable data is vital for improving both your business and your customers’ experience, and although our Reports were very useful, we knew we could make them better and more useful for you!

That is why we’re proud to bring you our new Analytics system!

It’s better, faster, stronger, more accurate, and completely rebuilt! (Also prettier.)


The new system has been custom built by our developers over the last several months to be perfectly suited to your needs and specifications, so you have all the tools at your disposal to increase your live chat performance, and grow your business! We have much greater control over the new system, and we plan to continually improve our Analytics features and offerings.

A few notable features and improvements:

  • Faster, more responsive reports. 
    • With a vastly superior back-end system to support them.
  • The new reports are far more interactive.
    • You have greater control over how you wish to visualize your data — chat type filtering, period scaling, agent selection, etc.
  • Timezone struggles are now a thing of the past.
    • Your Analytics reports are now tied directly to the Timezone configured in your “My Account” settings.
  • Drill down on data in the graphs to find all correlated chats.
    • Simply click on a bar or datapoint to see the drilldown!
  • More granular visibility on individual agents’ performance.
    • Click on agents in the “Agent Table” to see individual data visualized in the graphs above.

To see answers to commonly asked questions about the new reports, check out our Analytics FAQ.

Or, to get a detailed description of each new report, check out the Intro to Analytics.

A harbinger of what’s to come!

You’ll also notice that the Analytics system is using a completely re-designed Admin Dashboard. We are currently in a transitional period as we work to migrate our entire Admin area to the new, easier-to-use layout.

One of the biggest improvements of the new design:

Never forget which widget you’re working on again! The new layout offers significantly improved visibility for your current widget and the current chat status of that widget. If your widget is in “unavailable” status, mouse over the yellow bead to see a tooltip with more details.

Click on the dropdown to switch to another widget, or just to see the chat status of all your widgets in one convenient view!


Any questions or comments about the new Analytics, or our new Look and Feel? If so, please come chat with us or drop us a line at to let us know!