The Benefits of Emojis In Live Chat

Improved emoji support for SnapEngage clients and visitors

We’re excited to announce that we recently added expanded emoji support to our live chat interface on both the client and visitor sides. So, now, whether you’re chatting with your team or chatting with your website visitors, you can say what you want to say with emojis. The new release brings the following enhancements:

live chat emoji libraryImproved image library

We’ve added an expansive library of commonly (and not-so-commonly) used emojis so every emotion, symbol and reaction is at your fingertips. From animals to food to sports, whatever you have to say, you can now say with an emoji!

Easier search and selection

Intuitive and accessible search functions in the Chat Portal make finding your desired emoji easy and convenient. Use simple keyboard shortcuts or search our categorized library of emojis right in the message bar.

emojis in live chat


All of the emojis that we’ve made available to agents in the SnapEngage Chat Portal will be displayed in the visitor chat window.

So, all of this emoji work got us thinking… How did these seemingly silly little symbols become important enough to make it into our product roadmap, span a couple sprints with our dev team, and warrant a big announcement? Well, we went searching… (more…)

Customer Story: Inside iFixit’s Customer Support Team

iFixit Uses Live Chat to Save the Planet

We’re big fans of iFixit here at SnapEngage. So you can imagine our excitement when they decided to add SnapEngage Live Chat to their customer support offerings. We spoke with Annette Fuller, iFixit Support Technician, to get more insight into how iFixit is leveraging live chat to complement and enhance their overall customer experience.

Guest Post from Annette Fuller, Support Technician at iFixit

At iFixit, our mission is to save the world. And believe me, working here sometimes makes you feel like a superhero. We believe that everyone should have access to repair knowledge. When you buy something, you should be able to take full ownership of it. That means repairing it when it breaks, so that you don’t have to keep adding to landfills and buying new devices.

ifixit live chatCell phones, laptops, and tablets are our main focus, but the founders of iFixit didn’t want to stop at only the repair knowledge we could generate ourselves. That’s where our guide creation software comes in. Anyone, anywhere, can author or contribute to a repair guide on our site. We have guides for household appliances, cars, farm equipment, coffee makers, you name it.

This vast repository of knowledge at people’s fingertips doesn’t necessarily mean that all questions can be answered just by searching the guides. Sometimes, a DIYer wants to touch base with customer service to get a quick, direct answer to a question. If it’s something we have experience in, or something we’ve learned a lot about through customer stories, research, and trial and error, we help out wherever we can. If we don’t know enough about the particular device they’re working on, we direct them to people who do, like the fabulous repair experts on our Answers forum. (more…)

5 Ways Live Chat is Reshaping the Behavioral Health Field

Live Chat Extends Helping Hands for Recovery and Treatment Centers

In collaboration with guest author Sheldon Michael, Founder & CEO of Netjumps International

Immediacy, privacy and trust are just a few of the many benefits that live chat offers across a range of industries. However, when it comes to recovery and treatment centers in the behavioral health field (such as those focusing on drug and alcohol addictions), these priorities become critical requirements in the visitor experience.

Treatment centers across the world are beginning to turn to live chat software to bridge critical gaps and provide essential services to those in need, saving lives in the process. To learn more, we chatted with Sheldon Michael, CEO and Founder of Netjumps International, a drug treatment marketing industry leader.

live chat for treatment centers

Here’s a look at five ways in which live chat software is reshaping the way people seek and provide help in the behavioral health field. (more…)

Easing Visitor Frustration on 404 Pages

Keep visitors on your site longer with 404 proactive chat

It’s an all too common occurrence. You’re smoothly navigating through a website when all of a sudden, you land on the dreaded 404 page. As a visitor, it’s a super frustrating experience. For businesses, it can result in a lot of lost opportunity.

While there are some measures that website owners can take to prevent 404 errors, several 404 culprits are beyond a website administrator’s control, such as a visitor mistyping a URL.

One creative way to reduce 404 abandonment is by leveraging proactive chat triggers.

Adding a proactive chat trigger to your 404 page

Rather than leave your visitors to figure out how to find the content they’re looking for, why not lend a guiding hand? Sure, you can suggest alternate links or prompt user-defined searches, but if they don’t find it after the first attempt, you’ve most likely lost them for good.

With SnapEngage, you can easily add a proactive chat trigger to your 404 page, immediately inviting visitors to start a chat for assistance.

404 proactive live chat (more…)

New and Improved API Key Access

A More Accessible Live Chat API

While we strive to meet the demands of all of our users, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to software development… BUT we still want to help see all of your out-of-the-box ideas to fruition, which is why we offer a flexible live chat API to adapt to your own use cases. And even better… you can now generate your custom API key quickly and easily within your SnapEngage Admin Dashboard. (NOTE: The API Key Generator tool currently only allows access to the Visitor Chat API with more API functionality coming soon.)

SnapEngage API key generator (more…)